So we get up every day, eager to achieve as much as possible, fill our days with no second to waste – be productive is the thought that keeps us going. But going where? From meeting to meeting, from shopping to the fitness centre, from tuition class to abacus gyms? Just pause. Take a second to figure out what it is you really want from life. Why are we focused on rushing and running, achieving and earning. What is it that makes you truly happy? Are we waiting for that magical moment when we realize that enough is enough, we have achieved all that we hoped to, have acquired all that we desire, but forgot to live alone the way? When will that moment come? At the twilight of our lives, when we have earned, achieved, watched our children earn and achieve, and we are ready to call it a day? Is it that moment we look forward to? After years of running, like the magical seconds of the setting sun, are we working towards those fleeting moments? Spending an entire life racing towards those final magical moments? Or is it time to define for ourselves what it is we really look forward to, what it is that truly makes us happy and be content in achieving just that, no more, no less. Throughout our journey, throughout our every day living. Embrace each moment, capture life’s magic as it unfolds every day, every second and not wait for that one fleeting possibility of happiness at the end; instead, embrace the journey and be content with your life, every moment you are on this planet. Decide for yourself when enough is enough!