Our journey started with the realization that many Indian women work out in clothes that are oversized, black and rather unshapely. Clothes that are meant to clearly hide the body, cover those imperfections, perceived or real. Any T-Shirt will do at the gym as long as it is non-transparent and non-descript. Clothes that simply make the wearer look obscure.

When we looked at ourselves, we realized that we too followed the same style – black T-Shirts on the tennis court, in a tropical country, brother’s L sized T-Shirt he had brought home from his participation at a corporate marathon, at the yoga class. And the questions started. Why are we not investing in appropriate gym wear, why do we not place any importance on how we look while we work out and why do we wear really ill-fitting clothes to the cross-fit class? A little more research, chats with friends and family and the answer was clear: it is difficult to find fitness wear that actually complement our bodies, lifestyle and attitude. Fitness wear that is non-clingy, non-transparent and designed with our body shapes in mind. Fitness wear that is actually comfortable, stylish and affordable. And so we decided to fill this gap: design sportswear for Indian women; clothes that are practical and stylish, rational in terms of price and inspirational in attitude. We hope you enjoy your fitness journey with Uhane!

Uhane Sizing Standards

Please note that the sizing chart is only indicative of relative sizes. Kindly read the product description of each designer fitness item for a more detailed sizing and fit guide. Overall, each product (except the slim fit variants) have been designed keeping comfort and flexibility of use in mind. To achieve this, waist lines have been increased by 1-3 inches. Select models sport arm holes which are wider and/or longer by 1-2 inches.

Some of our lowers are available in different lengths. Kindly choose your product depending on your height.

T-Shirt Size Chart

Size Chest (Inches)
XS 30-32
S 32-34
M 34-36
L 38-40

Lowers Size Chart

Please note that each size (S, M, L) comes in 2 lengths – short and long. While waist size is S = 28-30, M = 32-34, L = 36-38/40, length would be Short leg = 37 inches, Long leg = 40 inches approx.

Size Waist Size (inches) Length (inches)
S/S 28-30 37
S/L 28-30 40
M/S 32-34 37
M/L 32-34 40
L/S 36-38 37
L/L 36-38 40