Uhane is happy to introduce the idea of Soulful Fitness, a concept aimed at creating a community of women who enjoy a healthy and fit lifestyle. The aim is to share ideas, thoughts, information, motivational stories and much more and engage in an interaction where we learn from one another and encourage each of us to give it our best. To create a sense of achievement and desire to live life to its fullest.

Join us in a series of webinars , hosted by Uhane, with an interesting line up of speakers from all walks of life.

Kushalini – aspiring psychologist, emotional intelligent life coach, founder of @Thekupastories … a multi-talented, multi-faceted girl with a story to tell. Listen to Kushalini’s narrative of determination and the desire to take control of her own life with fitness as the main tool.

Nomita is a Noida-based HR consultant with a passion for yoga and passing on her experience in the field. Overcoming a major health challenge, Nomita is the epitome of courage and a never-give-up spirit. A working professional with a clear mind and focus on health and well-being, her story is absolutely inspirational. Join her in a webinar and learn about how yoga can help you stay fit, and most importantly, ways of working on a healthy spine in today’s age of excessive computer usage and physically restrictive occupations.

Chikky Sirish is a powerhouse of positive energy. An empowerment coach, her work spans many areas of holistic heal-ing and wellness. She has trained under world renowned Master Practitioner Richard Bandler, Co-founder of NLP, in addition to numerous courses in alternative healing across the world. Her approach to life, her incredible under-standing of people, her empathy and caring nature, make Chikky a natural healer. Come, spend an hour with her, and feel the energy emanating from that incredible personality that is Chikky.

Sumitha Prashanth is one of us. A working professional, with a family and home to care for, she does what many Indian women do: juggle a career and family. But that is just one part of her life. The other revolves around fitness and a passion for running marathons. Join
us in conversation with Sumitha and wo understand what motivates her and how she manages to get the most out of life.

A marketing expert with a passion for sports and the outdoors, Pinky Danani is keen on sharing her joy for fitness and health. Leading the typical hectic lifestyle of a working professional in Mumbai, she makes it a point to find time for herself and enjoys all that comes with it. Whether trekking to the Everest Base Camp or finding ways to stay fit during the lockdown, there is nothing that can stop Pinky from pursuing a life that is fulfilling and exciting. Join her on a webinar on all that keeps you healthy and happy, and come away ready to take on the world.